RGV Lust On Other Men’s Wives | Sr Director Attacks Journalist

RGV Lust On Other Men's Wives
RGV Lust On Other Men's Wives

RGV Lust On Other Men’s Wives | Sr Director Attacks Journalist

RGV Latest Interview

RGV Latest Interview : The eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is not only known for his creative genius but also his maverick ways and also his controversial statements. His statements are a big fodder for media who immediately highlight them. As usual, RGV was at his best when he was speaking to a journalist in an interview recently. He reportedly said that he doesn’t care whether women are married or not and he will like them.

RGV Lust On Other Men's Wives, RGV Latest Interview
RGV Lust On Other Men’s Wives, RGV Latest Interview
When the person asked RGV if he was right in doing so, Ramu replied in his usual style saying if they are looking attractive, then there is no need for hesitation or hypocrisy. He added that he will definitely like them!

Sr Director Attacks Journalist

Sr Director Attacks Journalist : There have been a lot of speculations about well known director VN Adithya’s alleged affair with a singer and he has been at a dull phase in career after initial limelight. Now there is one more controversy raging regarding him. There have been reports in media that the senior director has left his wife and children to fend for themselves and has not come back from USA which was reportedly revealed by a journalist and family friend of the director.


The director has come out hammer and tongs against this journalist saying he betrayed their family’s trust in him. He also alleged that for a person like him who takes money to write about films, he has no right to reveal or tarnish his image in public! Aditya reiterated that all this is just trash and nothing else.