Kannada Mukunda Murari Pawan Kalyan Movies In Full Swing

Kannada Mukunda Murari

Certain films of few film stars are remade by select heroes in other languages. In Tamil, the big star Vijay usually stars in remake of power star Pawan Kalyan’s films whereas in Kannada, these days Kicha Sudeep is doing the same.

After the super success of Attarintiki Daredi remake, Sudeep is now acting in Gopala Gopala remake. The film titled Mukunda Murari in Kannada has real star Upendra in Venky’s role while Sudeep reprises Pawan Kalyan’s role.

Kannada Mukunda Murari

Kannada Mukunda Murari

Recently Sudeep who was impressed by the design of Pawan Kalyan’s Harley Davidson bike in Gopala Gopala reportedly purchased it for Rs. 8 lakhs. Well, he seems to be in full swing and is going strong with his films!

Making a film might be easy but in order to get it released properly and then recover the money at the box office is the most arduous task. This is where many producers and directors are falling flat. Hence, they are now opting for a smarter method. That is none other than movie remakes. They seem to have concluded that remake of hit movies from other languages is the safest bet. This is because they are already proven scripts, there is no tension about its strength, they create a certain range of hype because of the success value.