GoDaddy Email Settings: POP3, IMAP Incoming, SMTP Outgoing Mail Servers

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GoDaddy Email Settings / GoDaddy POP3 IMAP SMTP Mail Servers

Below is the list of GoDaddy email settings of POP, IMAP incoming, and SMTP outgoing mail servers settings for GoDaddy Internet Service Provide (ISP). Please find below the complete video, how to configure GoDaddy Email settings for Microsoft outlook.

GoDaddy POP3 Incoming mail server / GoDaddy Email POP settings
GoDaddy IMAP Incoming mail server / GoDaddy Email IMAP settings (port 143 or 993)
GoDaddy SMTP Outgoing mail server / GoDaddy Email SMTP settings

What is POP?

In standard POP stands for Post Office Protocol (POP). POP was famous protocol designed for accessing your remote email server. The latest version of POP is POP3 and supported by all email clients and servers.


POP works by downloading your messages from your supplier’s mail server, and after that checking them for erasure there. Protocol implies you can just at any point read those email messages in that email customer, on that PC. You won’t have the control to get to any beforehand downloaded messages from whatever other gadgets, or with some other email server, or through webmail.

What is IMAP?

Next, comes the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), which was designed to eliminate the problems in POP.

IMAP enables you to get to your messages from any customer, and any gadget and webmail login whenever, until you erase them. You are continually observing similar messages, regardless of how you get to your supplier’s server.

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) gives you a chance to get to email put away on a server from numerous gadgets. To utilize IMAP email, you should have an email plan that backings IMAP. If you have IMAP-empowered Workspace email, you can set it up in basically any email customer, on whatever PC or gadget you need.

Video: How to configure GoDaddy Email Settings of POP3 IMAP SMTP for Microsoft Outlook

here is the step by step process, how to configure GoDaddy email settings for Microsoft outlook.