Pawan Kalyan Financial Statement Makes His Fans Scratching Heads

Pawan Kalyan Financial Statement

Power Star Pawan Kalyan recent confession in open has left many stunned. In fact his fans have more or less been fully confused with what the Power Star had revealed in his candid interview with media folks.

Pawan mentioning that he is in financial difficulty and struggles to pay his staff was something not expected of a star hero. However, it has to be seen in the light of his transparent attitude because not many will reveal even if they are having problems.

Pawan Kalyan Financial Statement

Pawan Kalyan Financial Statement

That is the reason why it may be shocking to hear. There was also a logic in Pawan’s assertion that he has only done about 20 films so far. Moreover, he had to shell out good deal of money for divorces and films not working well for which he reportedly sold some of his properties!

But sources says that this money statement from Pawan Kalyan made shock for his fans. Power star having problems is never expected by any one. Even he did Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Gabbar Singh movie due to the financial issues it seems. This shows that not only for the normal people there is lot of financial issues to the celebrities also. But this is the most prominent way of answers by Pawan Kalyan which is not expected by anyone.