Qandeel Baloch Death: Social Media Celebrity Killed/Murdered By Own Bother

Qandeel Baloch Killed
Qandeel Baloch Killed

Qandeel Baloch Death: Social Media Celebrity Killed/Murdered By Own Bother

Qandeel Baloch Death/Qandeel Baloch Killed/Qandeel Baloch Killed/Murdered: Controversial Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch, celebrated internationally for her suggestive photographs and recordings in a preservationist country, was killed by her sibling “to secure the family respect” in Multan, police said on Saturday. Baloch had before looked for security, asserting she was getting demise dangers. “I know I won’t given security, and, not feeling secured here (in Pakistan), so I have chosen to move to another country with my folks after Eid-ul-Fitr,” she said later. The circumstances of Baloch’s passing were not promptly clear, and police were yet to affirm whether they had captured her sibling. ‘Qandeel Baloch Twitter’ account link given below.

Qandeel Baloch Death
Qandeel Baloch Death

Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Killed by Own Brother In Multan

Her sibling fled the wrongdoing scene after the occurrence. According to reports, the incident has happened just three days after the data about her three relational unions uncovered. Baloch, who ceases to be an online networking sensation in Pakistan, was additionally in the news as of late to click a selfie with a Mufti, who lost participation of a religious body, therefore. She was allegedly getting passing dangers and had requested security from inside service. As reported by Dawn, the sibling was debilitating her for posting recordings and pictures on online networking.

Why, Qandeel Baloch Murdered by Own Brother


Many Pakistanis, most by far ladies and young girls, are killed each year by relatives after being blamed for harming a family’s honor. Most suspects in honor killings never charged. The Pakistani web sensation was as of late at the focal point of a new line after a persuasive priest’s enrollment of a top religious body was suspended for posturing for selfies with her. Baloch took online networking by disturbance when she posted three selfies of herself with Mufti Abdul Qavi on her Facebook page. One of the pictures demonstrated Baloch actively posturing with the Mufti signature cap on her head, while he was seen holding a PDA to his ear.

Qandeel Baloch Killed
Qandeel Baloch Killed

Qandeel Baloch Death/Killed/Murdered, behind Reasons

Another photo showed Qandeel posturing with Qavi sitting beside her. Prior, Baloch had drummed up some excitement by promising to strip for the country, especially cricket commander Shahid Afridi, if Pakistan won the T20 match against India in March. This mistake made her an easily recognized name in Pakistan. Baloch had said she was 17 years of age when she wedded and that the “damaging union” finished inside a year. “He tormented me day and night amid the one year. She is hitched to him,” Baloch had said, including: “Following a year, I fled with my child and looked for shelter in Darul Aman.” On Saturday, online networking clients communicated their stun over Baloch’s killing.

Twitter Reactions About Her Death

@RichaChadha_ 38 minutes ago
As organisms girls die at the hands of fathers, for honour they die at the hands of brothers, as wives, hey die for property #QandeelBaloch

@sharmeenochinoy 48 minutes ago
#QandeelBaloch killed in an #honorkilling- how many women have to die before we pass the Anti Honor Killing Bill?

@timesofindia 49 minutes ago
Pakistan media reports that social media celebrity #QandeelBaloch has been shot dead by her brother in Multan

Farrukh Rko ‏@PostsIslamic 4 minutes ago View translation
#QandeelBaloch ko qatal kr dia gaya….may her soul rest in peace ??????

Namaz e janaza aj 10 bje Mufti Abdul qawi sahab parhae ge ???

@iamKeharKhan 3 minutes ago Sindh, Pakistan
Whatever her profession was but she was human being and murder of one human is murder of humanity?? RIP #QandeelBaloch

Mansoor Ali Khan ‏@_Mansoor_Ali 33 minutes ago
#QandeelBaloch was killed to death by her brother Wasim who has escaped.

@SAMAATV 42 minutes ago
Initial reports suggest #QandeelBaloch(Twitter) was strangulated to death. Read what happened

Atul Gupta ‏@atulsqc 28 seconds ago
#HorrorKilling #qandeelBaloch was either poisoned or killed by her brother. her brother was unhappy abt her headlines in media- reports

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