Sunny Leone slaps Anchor and this becomes a Warning For All Reporters

Sunny Leone slaps Anchor

There is always a difference between responsible journalism and paparazzi culture. This was once a trend in the West and now it has become common for some of the media people to follow celebrities wherever they go.

Recently an incident allegedly involving actress Sunny Leone has come out. She was reportedly in Gujarat to perform for a live event in the night and she was asked uncomfortable questions by media in spite of insisting not to do so!

Sunny Leone slaps Anchor

Sunny Leone slaps Anchor

The reporter reportedly asked her that now she shifted from porn to normal acting, what was her rate now in the night time. Sunny Leone slaps anchor hard saying he deserves it and it’s better for media guys to be careful in future. This incident took place in Surat on March 24th. There was an interview conducted by one of the television channel.

In the interview, interviewer suddenly ask to Sunny Leone that how much she charge for night programmes. For this question only she slapped the interviewer. Later she performed for 15minutes and then she along with her husband get back to the hotel.  Finally in the hotel one of the drunker entered her room and misbehaved with her. Immediately she informed hotel management and they took away the person. She told that she is not filing any complaint as they have the children who will start suffer their life without having their father.